Knitwear Care Instructions

How to take care of your knits? 

Knits are lovely, but yes, it may get pulled out of shape if not well taken care of. 

  1. Stored separately. 
  2. Away from anything pointy. 
  3. Take off jewelry when putting on & off garments.
  4. Don't pull hard if knits get tangled.

How can I fix it if my knits get pulled/tanged, e.g. image below?  

knit got pulled

Yes, you can fix it depending on how bad it got pulled. 

1) When only pulled a little, gently stretch the tangled area both vertically and horizontally. Repeat a few times. If not resolved, following (2).

2) You can repair the knits fully by following the steps below. The key is to not get frustrated.

repair instructions

A) Identify the string of yarn that’s pulled out ( i.e. red in image 1).

B) Use a pin, or a pencil to pull the yarn in (illustrated as the green arrow in image 1), until the yarn out hanging is around the similar length with the rest. Now you’re in image 2.

C) Continue to pull the yarn in one loop by one loop until the yarn is evened out.